Watch the Trailer for ‘Christmas on Ice’, a Lifetime Holiday Movie Set in Worcester

It’s not Halloween yet, but it’s already time to get into the winter holiday mood.

The first one Lifetime The holiday movie of the season, “Christmas on Ice,” premieres October 23. And it may sound a little familiar.

“Christmas on Ice” was filmed in Worcester earlier this year. The name of the city in the film is also Worcester.

“We show the common. We show the town hall. We show all these landmarks in downtown Worcester and we light up the city with such a beautiful and positive light that we just thought, why not just call it Worcester, ”said filmmaker John Stimpson. “U.S. too.”

The film would feature Mayor Joseph Petty playing the role of a city councilor and scenes shot at Birchtree Bread, Worcester Ice Center and within the town hall. Birch Bread This is where Stimpson often sat and wrote the script for the film.

The film has had a few names.

Originally, Stimpson wanted to call the movie “Christmas on the Common”, but later changed to “A Christmas Pirouette”. Now it is marketed under the name “Christmas on Ice”.

The plot revolves around a young woman who manages the town’s ice rink. The mayor, not played by Petty, informs him that the oval will be closed due to budget cuts. Trying to save the oval she falls in love with a hockey player who trains at the Canal District ice center.

Stimpson recently shared the trailer on Instagram.

The film is part of this year “It’s a wonderful life” line up. Other holiday movies on Lifetime this weekend will include “Christmas Unwrapped” and “Forever Christmas”.

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