Lady A recalls “what a song can do”

Looking back over the past 18 months, Dave Haywood, a third of contemporary country superstar band Lady A, highlights the theme for which the trio’s current tour is named. Lady A’s eighth studio album – released June 25 – her lead single and now touring 2021 is called “What A Song Can Do,” and it’s an idea Haywood has given much thought to.

“Without music, none of us would be here; I wouldn’t talk to you today without a song, without ‘Love Don’t Live Here’ or ‘All We’d Ever Need’, or some of our early tracks that we wrote, that started us as a band, ”he says.“ Hopefully we get a little bit wiser and a little better perspective on life and what our goal is; what we want to defend, for our families, what we want to defend, for our fans. That is to say a great welcoming group to which all are invited and included. And I hope our music says so. “

Lady A – who changed her name to Lady Antebellum in 2020 – last visited the Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion in 2017 on their “You Look Good Tour” in support of their sixth studio album “Heartbreak”. It’s a season of life that Haywood remembers as being busy, almost chaotic. But he also remembers AMP and looks forward to their third visit to the Rogers site.

“I love your amphitheater! It has always been such a great experience for us, ”he enthuses. “Love the location. A really well-built amphitheater. I’m not trying to brown my nose, we really enjoy this stop. It’s a very well laid out place. So we’re looking forward to it.”

A brief memory of this period of the trio’s musical journey also brings out the acuteness of the “forced stillness” in which they live like everyone else.

“There is one thing that I started to notice, even with myself in particular, about the way I was checked out,” shares Haywood. “I have a 6 year old and a 3 year old. And I just remember like, there are so many times they come running up, pulling on my leg, ‘Daddy! Let’s play!’ And I’m just scrolling my fucking phone. I just feel like, what am I doing? Right here in front of me is all this beauty and somehow I’m lost , out there to buy pain on the Internet, you know? “

Talking about these feelings with her partner Hillary Scott and songwriters Natalie Hemby and Amy Wadge who worked on the album, led to a powerful album closer to “Worship What I Hate”.

“There’s just a lot of honesty and vulnerability in this song,” says Haywood. “And I’m a huge fan of the closing track from an album. I think it’s a moment to give people a chance to reflect on the project, and we even added an instrumental outro just to give a little bit of breath people to sit in the lyrics for a minute. “

Leading up to this closing issue, there are many more heartfelt moments on “What A Song Can Do (Chapter One)”, as well as uplifting and uplifting moments. And Haywood admits that watching fans’ emotional response to music in real time is the most important thing he’s missed during that forced hiatus.

“We played a show at the Grand Ole Opry just when they reopened in Nashville, and… we played ‘Things He Handed Down’, which is part of that project,” he recalls. “And I just remember seeing that woman lose him and cry in the front row. And that just made me cry.… When you’re in an audience and I watch someone laugh, I look at someone. kiss each other, put their drink in the air, or I watch someone have a tear on their face, I’m like “OK, that’s why we’re doing this. This is what we are called to do. “This is what music can do, so I hope there will be a lot of hope and healing once we reach this stage again.”

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Lady A

“What A Song Can Do” Tour

WHEN – 7 p.m. Saturday

O – Walmart AMP, 5079 W. Northgate Road in Rogers

COT – $ 40 to $ 125

INFO – 443-5600,,

FYI – Country / pop newcomers Carly Pearce, Niko Moon and Tenille Arts will also be performing.

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