TAUK releases seventh film album, ‘Chaos Companion’ [Stream]

TAUK released their seventh full studio album, Companion of Chaos, Friday, with the electro-prog quartet offering a complete cinematographic musical journey.

Companion of Chaos was born in their forties as the group was forced to abandon their marathon touring program and look inside. Even though car and pod gigs have become a viable option, TAUK has held up in the studio, finally having the opportunity to dive deeper into composition building than ever before.

From the ambient opening credits of “Chandara” to the global influences of “Make Your Move”, Companion of Chaos finds several new facets of the instrumental ensemble. On “Dormammu,” TAUK merges their proven sound with digitally composed EDM for something completely new from the group celebrating a decade in their brand setup.

Bass player Charlie dolan describes “Dormammu” as “a trap drum machine that meets the sound and beat of Led Zeppelin, with builds and drops along the way. A dancing and anthemic journey accompanied by syncopated and soaring sounds of Eric Bloom (Trumpet) and Ryan zoidis (Saxophone) by The horns of the shadow (Lettuce, Soulive).

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This electronic influence is not limited to “Dormammu”, as tracks like “Moon Dub” and “The Let Out” carry this enhanced sound in addition to the hip-hop overtones emanating from the drummer. Isaac teel.

“These songs are presented with a different approach where we used a lot more tracks and layers to create a more cinematic sound,” keyboardist Alric carter said in a press release. “Much of our material is based on live performances, but with this album we have used Ableton Live and digital audio workstations to expand our musical palette. “

The cinematic feel of Companion of Chaos goes far beyond the enveloping sensation of music. For the singles “The Let Out”, “Moon Dub”, and “Make Your Move”, the group collaborated with directors Dani Barbieri and Sophie congre to create immersive clips as quirky with humor as they are surreal.

Flux Companion of Chaos, TAUK’s new album via the player below or on your favorite streaming platform, and search for the band on the associated tour. Visit the TAUK website for tickets and a full list of tour dates.

TAUK – Companion of Chaos

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