Vernon D’Souza’s ‘TEA’ echoes positivity throughout

MUMBAI: Singer-songwriter Vernon D’Souza released an independent song “TEA” with Souvik Adak under the independent music label Throan Of Art Music.

In an exclusive interview with Radioandmusic, Vernon D’Souza said: “Why ‘TEA’? Well the answer is simple; I am a CHAI person and what better way to catch up with an after ages friend than over a good cup of tea! ”.

Check out the interview below:

As a singer-songwriter, what inspires you to write your songs?

I am a person who observes a lot of things around me, and I assimilate them completely. Writing songs as well as poetry is cathartic for me. It is my way of expressing my feelings towards someone or a certain event or the world in general. It also doesn’t have to be all the songs I write about how I feel. I sometimes shift my emotional center, imagine myself in a certain situation and write a song about it. It’s a very fun and creative process, which I love to do.

Share with our readers your single “TEA” and the story behind that love song and what inspired the name of the song. How did your collaboration with Throan Of Art Music materialize?

The song ‘Tea’ was written by me in my hostel room in Bandra one evening. I originally wrote it as a jingle, but I thought the song had the potential to be released as an official single. Why “TEA”? Well the answer is simple; I am a CHAI person and what better way to catch up with an after ages friend than over a good cup of tea! The song echoes the positivity throughout .; Many times we hold back our feelings and don’t do the things we actually love and it makes us live a life of regret and this song is about breaking down barriers and not holding back and just doing the things you love with it. your people, to reconnect with friends you have lost along the way for whatever reason. It’s a song about new beginnings and letting go and I hope people carry the message of this song into their lives. I kept the song for a year because I wanted it to work well; to be heard and when I stumbled upon TOA Music and the wonderful job they do for us independent artists, I knew my song would be in good hands and so I proposed to Thomson Andrews which was very encouraging, united and useful by agreeing to send this song to the world.

The music for ‘TEA’ is made by Souvik Adak. How was the experience of working on this song with him?

Souvik Adak is one of my closest friends and we are from the same town of Asansol, India. He’s incredibly talented in music and understands all of my musical ideas and converts them into finished pieces. The song was written and I sent it to Souvik who immediately started working on the song. We sat down on countless video calls to establish the trail and it was finally done. Tea’s voices were recorded in his bedroom and Adak took care of the mixing and mastering. While working on the music for Tea Souvik and I had immersed ourselves in Celtic music and involved subtle Celtic elements in our song. Working with Souvik has been an incredible experience and I have learned a lot from him.

Tell us about your musical journey. How is he mentored by singer and industry veteran, Thomson Andrews, and now featured as a talent on his indie label “Throan Of Art Music”?

I have always been singing and all my influences are the result of what I listened to growing up and I thank my father Nigel D’Souza for introducing me to classics like Elvis Presley, Deep Purple, Tom Jones, Englebert Humperdink and d ‘other big ones. My musical journey began professionally in Mumbai. I am from a small town called Asansol and when I first arrived in Mumbai I affirmed that I would strive to reach the top. It wasn’t an easy trip, but then I started getting gigs and jingle work and in 2019 I made my playback debut for The Verdict – State Vs Nanavaty, singing the credit song. Eventually I met Thomson Andrews on a recording, and he inspired me to do great things and we worked together on live performances for Mithoon and the Meet Bros. Thomson has always given me the best advice on my music and the way things work and being featured on his channel is a huge blessing to me. I see him as a person, a performer and a singer. He is a complete package and what is more important is that he has a vision.

You also collaborated with AmyKita from France for the song’s music video. Tell us how it looks for you.

AmyKita is a very dear friend of mine and at the time I was looking for ideas for the music video for Tea so I contacted Amy who is excellent at creative ideas. She was very kind to provide footage that would suit Tea’s music video perfectly. Amy is beaming with positivity and that makes the music video for Tea a pleasure to watch. Other than that, I compiled a few free videos for commercial use from a site called Pexels and added them to the clip.

What would be your dream collaboration with an Indian musician?

My dream collaboration with an Indian musician would be Mithoon Sharma

What’s in the near future for your fans?

I always write new music and experiment with different writing styles, vocal textures and genres. I have plenty of them in store and the grace of my God, they will all arrive soon.

As a Freelance Artist, share your thoughts on the importance of having an independent support system / business like “Throan Of Art” to guide and execute the music and branding marketing goals of independent artists around the world.

Independent artists in general are overwhelmed by the huge commercial scene. A freelance artist will put all of their heart and soul into their craft, but often times they cannot afford to market their work and have their voices heard. With TOA, we know that our business will be understood and marketed in the best possible way, and I am very grateful for this platform.

Any other point that Vernon D’Souza would like to share about his life.

I almost gave up on my dreams because of a bad patch in my life, but I decided to stand out in the industry and I will never stop. To everyone reading this, I want you to never give up on your dreams.

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