Rare and Complete 1968 Johnny Cash Concert in San Francisco Digitally Restored & Free Online

A 1968 SF Johnny Cash concert, recorded just one week before the release of his flagship album Folsom Prison, has been digitally restored and uploaded by the son of famed roadie Grateful Dead Owsley “Bear” Stanley.

On the night of April 24, 1968, Johnny Cash’s career was about to reach incredible new heights, although he probably didn’t know it. His live album At Folsom prison was set for release the following week and would go triple platinum, reignite his career, and become his best-selling non-compilation album ever. He had just given up on the prescription pill habit, and his wife of only two months, June Carter, would join him on stage to give a concert in San Francisco at a venue called the Carousel Ballroom (now SVN West, and at one point known as Fillmore West). According to KPIX, “It was a Wednesday night and the suggested price for the ticket was $ 3.”

Why this news? Because this Johnny Cash concert in San Francisco from April 24, 1968 has just been digitally remastered and put online for free, and it has never been heard publicly before.

SFist includes some of our favorite tracks, but you can listen to the entire Johnny Cash At The Carousel Ballroom album for free, with all 28 tracks exactly as Johnny played them that night in April 1968. You get all the chatter. on stage and you hear Johnny say “This is my little wife, June Carter Cash”, and they go down on track 16, “Jackson”.

Cash’s surviving family are thrilled with the recording. “I knew there was something particularly different about this particular show,” the couple’s only child, John Carter Cash, told KPIX. “It sets my father’s voice apart. I think it’s probably as close to what it really would have been if you had been in the room that night.

The period recordings come from the vault of soundman Grateful Dead and infamous LSD maker Owsley “Bear” Stanley. These recordings have never been made public before, but Stanley’s son, veterinarian Dr Starfinder Stanley (did we mention his father took a lot of LSD?), Has digitally restored and re-edited many of the vault’s secret gems. strong from his father. .

“We like to call it a time machine because it really at least brings your ears back to these shows,” Junior Stanley told KPIX. “This is something that we just cannot let evaporate. Unfortunately, reel-to-reel tapes are small particles of iron oxide stuck to plastic. He collapses. It is deteriorating. ”

The recording was also released as a full album Johnny Cash – At the Carousel Ballroom, available on CD and vinyl.

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CALIFORNIA – SEPTEMBER 1969: Married country singers Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash pose for a portrait at an event in September 1969 in California. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images)

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